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Handmade Jewelry and Design

Past And Present

From sketchbook to tee-shirt, or old electrical wire to beautiful jewelry, FireScale celebrates every step of creation. Completed Jewelry currently available can be found on the store page, while the 2-D designs can be found at the Redbubble Link at the top of the page (next to the facebook link), of through the link on the homepage.

From Inktober 2018.jpg

Beauty is Everywhere

This ink sketch from Inktober 2018 shows that beauty can be found in the oddest places. Even in a chicken's claw.


First Hairpiece

This is the first hairpiece I ever gave to anyone. Naturally, it went to my mom. Made with reclaimed electrical wire, Albalone and glass beads, and silver and bronze art wire.


Playing on the Computer

The tangible work of pencil, ink, and copper keeps this studio grounded in the very physical forms of art. However, there's also fun to be had with pixels and vectors. This example started as an 11th Century Viking Runestone. It was photographed, and a younger Christine sketched it into her sketchbook. This past year, Christine took that sketch, tossed it into her computer, and made a few variations of this design, evening out the shapes and lines, and adding color and highlights.

These are just a small sample of what Christine does at Firescale. Checkout the stores here and on Etsy for current offerings.

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